It’s now even easier to make a bold statement with a unique hand-painted T-shirt, Vest or Hoodie as TROPE CLOTHING has recently launched its own online store.

TROPE CLOTHING, brainchild of local T-Shirt artist Danel Steyn, specialises in producing unique hand-painted T-shirts and leisure wear sporting bold and trendy designs.  Our designs are hand-painted onto premium-brand VIC BAY leisure wear, which guarantees you of a top-quality, locally manufactured product.

The painted designs are highly durable as TROPE CLOTHING uses high-quality fabric paints which are then heat-sealed with a waterproof sealant.  The garments are manufactured from 100% cotton of South African origin and dyed to international colourfastness and performance benchmarks.

Increasing demand

The brand has found popularity amongst both locals and tourists.  It appeals to all age groups because of its quality garments and bold, yet timeless designs.

Until now, Danel has sold her hand-painted T-shirts, vests and hoodies only at markets, mainly the popular Franschhoek Village market, which is known for their quality of arts and crafts.  But with her receiving more enquiries from the friends and family members of those who have purchased her products, she believes that the online store will make her product more easily accessible and will also help her extend her market reach.

The online store has full e-commerce functionality, so garments may be selected and paid for online with both local pick-up and courier options, which are automatically calculated and added to the purchase amount.

Uniquely hand-painted

TROPE CLOTHING designs are applied using a manual process.  Designs are electronically cut to stencils, which are then used to paint the design onto the garment by hand.  As a result of this manual process, although similar in design, each ‘print’ is unique and this adds to the product appeal.

TROPE CLOTHING selects its designs from visual elements or icons trending on social media and the broader web.  These are then reinterpreted before being rendered for hand-painting.

To purchase your hand-painted T-shirt, vest or hoodie, visit the website at, where you can either shop online or find out when next TROPE CLOTHING will be showing at an outdoor market.

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